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Welcome To Simple Beauty Studio

Through our membership program, we provide every woman and man with the opportunity to maintain their appearance affordably and efficiently. Our goal is to help individuals achieve their highest level of beauty on a regular basis by reducing the cost and time they need to invest in an environment that is both creative and comfortable.

If you aren’t fully satisfied with your look, you have a week to have us make it flawless. Whether your lowlights fade too quickly, the toner on your highlights washes out or you want a little more taken off your length, we would be happy to make it perfect!

Simple Beauty Hair Care is 100% Paraben-Free.

We offer a large selection of products that are Sulfate-Free, Sodium Chloride-Free, Alcohol-Free, Color-Safe, Chemically Treated-Safe and Straightener-Safe. We have designed this line to help our clients easily maintain their look at home. ALL members receive a 10% discount on our entire hair care line.

Our Crazy Skills

  • Hair Design
  • Custom Color
  • Extensions
  • Blowouts
  • Makeup