• Virtually painless for all skin types, even if tanned! 
  • Simultaneous dual laser for fewer treatments! What can take hours, now only takes minutes!

Laser hair removal is 85-95% permanent, cost effective, and a time saving alternative to hours spent shaving, plucking, and waxing unwanted hair. But many laser hair removal sessions can be painful, messy, and can smell during treatment. The new and revolutionary Splendor X is publicized as the worlds first hybrid laser hair remover that uses dual lasers simultaneously in a square pattern to achieve the fastest and gentlest treatment on the market. And with its hair plume evacuator the smell is almost non existent. Simple beauty medical spa is proud to be an exclusive provider of this technology for only fraction of the cost when compared to to less gentle and less effective machines. The Splendor X cuts treatment time in half, is virtually painless, avoids the mess of cooling gels, and treatment can be done on tanned skin! 

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    What is Laser Hair Removal? 

    Hair grows in different phases and if the maximum percentage of permanent hair removal is to be achieved the hair has to be destroyed during the anagen phase of the growth cycle. This phase can last 6 months to years, so it is necessary to variably repeat sessions 6-9 times. During treatment energy in the form of light targets the melanin of the hair, converting into heat, thus destroying the hair follicle. White hairs have no melanin, therefore cannot be destroyed. Blonde hairs have less melanin, so the percentage of removal is less. Density and thickness of hairs will go down after each treatment.

    19 face.spendor

    Why Splendor X over other laser hair machines? 

    There are many things that make Splendor X way ahead of every other platform: 

    • The World’s First Hybrid Laser Hair Removal: Using Dual Wavelengths blended and firing simultaneously, Splendor X has both the Alexandrite 755nm (lighter skin tones) and the Nd:YAG 1064 wavelengths (darker skin tones), being safe on all ethnicities. The benefit is you can attack deeper hair follicles as well as the vasculature feeding these follicles, essentially killing the hair and the blood supply to the hair. This results in more effective treatments, in less sessions. 
    • The World’s First Square Footprint: The pulse from the laser is uniquely square, thus avoiding skipped areas and/or over-treating areas from overlapping pulses created by typical circularly outputs. 
    • World’s first Double Cooling System: The Splendor X uses both integrated Zimmer Air Chilling as well as a chilled tip to doubly ensure a safer treatment and lessen the potential side effects of burning the skin and post inflammatory pigment changes. 
    • Highest Speed: One major drawback from many other machines is the length of time it takes to complete a body area. Typically a mans back can take up tp 45-60 minutes, but with the Splendor X, we can now do the back in about 6 minutes! And it is more effective and safer. 
    • Highest Power: There is up to 75% more power than most lasers which equates to more efficient treatments, more results, and less sessions. 
    • World’s first hair removal with smoke evacuator: There is a built in suction to remove the plume of the the vaporized hair, thus removing the smell and making treatment safer.

    Dane B.

    What took 45 minutes to do my back hair using my dermatologist’s machine, took ONLY 10 minutes at Simple Beauty!!

    Jasmin R.

    Warning! Everyone going elsewhere for laser hair removal is spending WAY TOO MUCH!! I saved $3,000, YES THAT MUCH, using Simple Beauty for total body removal!

    Ashley P.

    I immediately switched from where I was going to Simple Beauty. They saved me hundreds, their machine hurt way less, and I didn’t leave with burn marks.

    Ramona G.


    So far their machine and price seems too good to be true. After just my 3rd session, I barely see armpit hair, my legs and arm hairs are thinner and less, and to shave the bikini area less is like a miracle to me. Can’t wait to give a final review.

    What to expect while getting my laser hair removal? 

    To ensure best results, you should avoid a fresh tan and self-tanners 1-2 weeks prior to treatment. You may be asked to discontinue the use of certain medications. It is expected to freshly shave the areas either the night before or the morning of. The fresher the shave the greater the chance for minor irritation during and after treatment. Avoid tweezing or waxing 3-5 days prior. There is no need of messy cooling gel. What normally takes most machines up to 2 hours to treat multiple areas takes the Splendor X only 30 minutes!

    Am I a good candidate? 

    All skin types can achieve 85-95% hair removal with Splendor X customizable dual laser technology. White hairs can not be treated and blond hair will have less of a percentage of removal, but will be finer and less dense. The greatest percentage of hair removal will occur in lighter skin individuals with darker hairs.

    azura skin care center splendor x laser hair reduction

    What will my results be following treatment?

    Results can vary. Many individuals are shocked after just one treatment, but in time with no further treatment those hairs will grow back. That is why 6-9 varied treatment sessions will be needed to achieve hair free skin. There is no downtime except for a few people who have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin individuals may experience more warmth, minor redness and swelling of the follicles. This will gradually subside within several minutes. In rare occasions, changes in pigment may occur. Even rarer, areas of treated skin may burn or blister. This too will heal in time. Individuals with tattoos will not have the tattoo areas treated as it will also remove portion of the tattoo.



    Full Body
    $199/mo for 18 mos or $3,500
    $199/mo for 18 mos or $3,500
    Large Area
    $129/mo for 18 mos or $2,200

    Large areas: full legs, full bikini, chest and back

    $129/mo for 18 mos or $2,200
    Medium Area
    $79/mo for 15 mos or $1,100

    Medium areas: arms, half legs, or bikini line

    $79/mo for 15 mos or $1,100
    Small Area
    $50/mo for 12 mos or $550

    Small areas: lip and chin, neck, or underarms

    $50/mo for 12 mos or $550