Medical Spa

Basic Facial Membership $54.99/month

  • 1 signature facial per month 
  • 10% off all Spa products

Simple Beauty Injectable Membership – $99/Month

  • Receive 30 units of Botox or 75 units of Dysport quarterly
  • 10% off any fillers
  • 10% off all Spa products
  • Each additional units $12/$4

Facial Tightening Membership –$99/Month

  • Sublime treatment on jowls and neck every 2 weeks
  • 20% off Facials
  • 10% off all Spa products

Nu Era Cellulite/ skin tightening Club $189/month

NuEra tight is a temperature-controlled radio frequency (RF) skin smoothing system with the power to redefine the future. The power to target and revive, to uplift and to perfect all over. NuEra is FDA-cleared for RF heating, both superficial and deep, to treat a variety of conditions such as temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

  • One area every 5 weeks, treated 1x per week
  • 10% off all Spa products

Add-On’s For Members

  • Facials $40
  • Dermaplaining $35
  • Oxygeneo Facial $150
  • eTwo non-sablative Facial $250
  • IPL $400

Hair Removal Packages

Full Body

  • $199/month for 18 months or $3500

Small Area: Lip, Chin or Underarm

  • $50/month for 12 months or $550

Medium Area: Arm, Half leg or Bikini Line

  • $79/month for 15 months or $1100

Large Area: Full leg, full bikini, chest or back

  • $129/month for 18 months or $2200

Tone, Texture and Heal Facial Trio – $1,900 Value

Our exclusive facial package that takes years off your skins age:

  • 3 IPL: Facial toning treatments – erase sun damage and brown & red spots
  • 3 eTwo non-sablative treatments: reduce fine lines, scars and pore size
  • 3 Oxygeneo facials: remove the dead skin and infuse your skin with Oxygen gel
  • PLUS 3 FREE facial tightening treatments (value $297)

The entire package can be completed in 3 months with little to no downtime after each treatment.

IPL Packages

Facial toning treatment: erase sun damage and brown & red spots

  • Single treatment: $450
  • Package of 3: $999
  • Package of 5: $1,499

UltraShape Package $1,999

UltraShape® Power is FDA-cleared for non-invasive reduction in abdominal circumference and fat reduction in the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. It gently destroys fat by delivering non-thermal ultrasound energy waves that are:

  • Focused - delivering ultrasound energy to tissue within a precise focal volume at a controlled depth
  • Pulsed - the mechanical non-thermal effect results in minimal elevation of 0.8°C in treated tissue for a truly comfortable and gentle treatment experience
  • Selective - precisely targeting fat cells while blood vessels, nerves, and surrounding tissue remain largely unaffected

For more information visit:

(INCLUDES 3 NuEra Skin Smoothing treatment in same area)